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Two creative men, one unique idea. An energetic team with one goal in mind, to provide retail access to today's wireless communications technology that is as convenient as the product itself. Joseph Howeth and Dustin Dubia knew that the very best way to reach the rapidly increasing wireless telephone market was to reach the prospective buyers when their mindset was on spending their disposable income. What better place than shopping malls? Traditional retail ventures in malls throughout the country have failed because they blended in with the rest of the storefront mix. What wireless customers needed was a convenient and "Customer Friendly" outlet that provides savings, and doesn't require entry into an ominous store. They not only had to be in the midst of the hustle and bustle of major shopping malls, we had to be in the middle of the mall itself! So, in the spirit of trusty old-time street vendors, the Mobile Systems Wireless concept was born. The plan was simple. Save our customers money by cutting down on overhead. Give them state-of-the-art wireless telecommunications products at a price nobody could beat. Make them happy by providing a more convenient way to buy the product, and provide the company optimum growth potential with minimal capital outlay. It worked. Mobile Systems Wireless started with a modest kiosk in the Plaza Camino Real Mall in Carlsbad California. In fact, it worked so well that seven years and eighty-four successful retail locations later, Mobile Systems Wireless is one of the largest generators of new activations for Cingular Wireless in its expanded market area in Southern California and the largest activator for Cingular Wireless in Northern California. Moreover, we have also expanded our operations beyond the bounders with our most recent opening of eight retail locations in the Seattle, Washington marketplace.

  • Location: K1 (See Mall Map)
  • Hours: Mon - Saturday: 10am-9pm & Sunday: 11am-6pm
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