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Due to COVID-19, our 2020-2021 program has been cancelled. Please check back for updates.

How the program works:

    • The program runs from September 1st through April 30th
    • Original receipts can be brought to the Guest Services desk where they will be reviewed, credited to your school and returned to the customer. Receipts can also be placed in our Guest Services drop box (these are un-returnable) with your school’s name written on each receipt. We will accept receipts up to 60 days from the purchase date. On the last day of the program, receipts will not be accepted after the mall has closed.
    • Schools earn 1 point for every dollar spent at participating Merced Mall Stores.
    • Bulk receipts- If  customers have more than 10 receipts, we will take their name and phone number and will contact them when the receipts are ready to pick-up. Our reps do their best to return receipts to our guests in a timely manner but please be mindful that it takes time to properly review each receipt before logging it in, and that our reps’ first priority is to serve the duties of the desk, Security, and the Mall Management Office.
    • Points are posted on our Rankings Page generally by the first week of each month.
    • Schools must have a minimum of 10,000 points by December 31st to remain in the program.
    • At the end of the program, the remaining participating schools will receive a cash award at the Awards Ceremony held in May. These schools must have a representative at the Awards Ceremony in order to receive their prize. Unrepresented schools will forfeit their prize money and is returned to the awards account.

How the Program DOESN’T Work:

  • E-receipts, photocopies, merchant receipt copies, etc. are not accepted, original in-store purchase receipts only.
  • Mall Store Gift Cards, store account payments/cell phone service and insurance payments do not qualify for points – store purchase of goods or services receipts only.
  • Collecting and turning in receipts that customers have left behind without their permission or consent is cheating and not allowed.
  • Mall store employees cannot collect receipts for your school.
  • Approaching customers and asking them in any way for their receipts is unacceptable and not allowed.
  • Schools in violation of the rules will be subject to removal from the program.

Bonus Point Events & Other Ways to Earn Points:

Along with shopping, Merced Mall also offers your school opportunities to earn points by participating in various Mall events. Visit our Shop$mart What’s New page for the most current program event information.

This year’s participating schools are:

For more information, contact the Mall Shop$mart Program Coordinator at 723-3981 or [email protected]

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